IWCC Wellness Center

This is a 92,248 sq ft Wellness Center for Iowa Western Community College in Council Bluffs, IA. The facility includes an indoor turf area that can be used for soccer, football, baseball or softball.  A hard courts area that is configured for either two basketball courts or two volleyball courts. It also includes a wellness area and an aerobics area. The entry and the turf building roofs are supported by curved arch trusses. The walls are precast with masonry and metal panel accents and the roofs are standing seam with AEP Span on the curved entry roof and MR-24 standing seam metal roof system on the remainder. Also includes Simple Saver insulation system.

Trusses are on a 350’ radius and span 180’ and the eave is at 55’. The longest one piece endwall columns are 69’-11½”. Due to strict deflection and architectural requirements, the frame columns are 5’ deep with 1½”x 16” flanges and a 7/8” web. They weigh approximately 20,000 lbs. each. There is no permanent vertical bracing in the structure, lateral loads will be resisted by precast shear walls.