Bell Helicopter V-22 Hangar

Goverment/Military Aircraft Hangars

Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc.
End Use:
Tiltrotor Assembly Center
Project Location:
Amarillo, TX
Square Footage:

Structural steel for this unique 72,000 sq. ft. helicopter assembly hangar was designed and supplied by Heavy Structures. The structural framing system was complicated by four 100' wide by 35' tall Megadoors located around the perimeter of the building. The framing system included mill section columns spaced at 25' along the sidewall with every other column supporting a 44" deep, built-up roofbeam. At the door openings the roofbeams are supported by 20' deep jacktrusses and a 10' deep jacktruss runs down the center of the building to support the roofbeams and to provide a 100' clear aisle across the width of the structure. At the front of the building, an 18' deep truss spans the two 100' door openings, and supports the last bay of roof structurals. Two 10-ton, top-running cranes traverse the length of the building. The cranes are supported by mill girders that span column-to-column and a 60"-deep plate girder which spans across the 100' clear aisle. Truss purlins, 22-gauge modified roof panels, and 24-gauge metal wall panels completed the package.

Bell Helicopter V-22 Hangar
Bell Helicopter V-22 Hangar
Bell Helicopter V-22 Hangar
Bell Helicopter V-22 Hangar
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